Opportunities in Global Private Credit

Babson's Head of Global Private Finance, Eric Lloyd, provides an overview of global private credit markets with a focus on direct lending opportunities that exist in the asset class across geographies and the capital structure.

Oil and the Fixed Income Energy Sector

Supply and demand dynamics suggest that low oil prices may persist, presenting both risks and opportunities for fixed income investors.

Emerging Markets Corporate Debt: Insights into a Rapidly Growing Asset Class

With approximately $1.6 trillion in outstanding bonds, the EM corporate debt market has become comparable in size to the U.S. high yield market and the asset class is fast becoming a permanent portfolio allocation of global institutional investors.

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Babson Market Bulletin: Money for (Less Than) Nothing

March 09, 2015

The continued easing of monetary policy across Europe has resulted in a highly unusual environment characterized by negative-yielding government bonds. The implications are far-reaching and may provide insight into investors’ views on risk aversion, deflation and future currency moves.

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