Market Bulletin: Yield Convergence or Divergence?

Things may not be what they seem. In today’s market, yields may be converging but may mask an underlying divergence in fundamentals. Investors should remain focused on fundamentals and not become complacent as central banks continue to intervene in markets and obscure risk.

Investing Across the Global Fixed Income Spectrum

Russell Morrison, Babson Capital’s Head of Global Fixed Income, discusses how an investment process that seeks relative value across global fixed income markets can help investors to achieve their objectives.

Traditional Asset Managers and Credit Hedge Funds

Well-resourced traditional managers compare favorably with credit hedge funds for institutional investors seeking absolute returns.

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Babson Capital CEO Tom Finke Participates in Thought Leadership Initiative

June 26, 2014

Babson Chairman and CEO Tom Finke was one of 12 senior asset management executives invited to participate in a global thought-leadership program conducted by State Street. In his interview, Mr. Finke discusses how Babson aligns its core competencies to deliver customized investment solutions to its clients amid a continually evolving global investment landscape.

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